Healthy Ireland Smart Start Programme

This programme provides information and resources for pre-school staff, children and parents/guardians to promote young children’s health and well-being. Pre-school provides an opportunity for instilling positive attitudes to nutrition, exercise and taking responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle.

The programme consists of 6 units:

Health Promotion

Emotional Well-Being/Literacy

Physical Activity 


Oral Health 

Health & Safety 

Staff attended 8 weeks of training and began the process of advocating health promotion throughout the service. We worked closely with the parents/guardians by having information evenings and handing out leaflets and brochures on all 6 units. Staff encouraged the children to become involved through games, nature walks, introducing new fruit and vegetables at snack times and supporting the children in creating a sugar content display for the wall. We focused on hand washing, brushing teeth, taking exercise and discussing our emotions. All of these activities were incorporated into our curriculum every day. On the 22nd April 2017 we received our Healthy Ireland Smart Start Award from Emer Smyth head of Health promotion and improvement with the HSE

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